Scrisoare deschisa catre Sarah Palin si falimentul multiculturalismului

„There’s a better way. In fact, you figured it out in the 1996 presidential primary when you sported the flair of the leading pro-life candidate. (Your minders would prefer that we not mention his name. It triggers their Tourette’s.) As you surely know, even beyond social issues, he represents a strain of conservatism that offers a consistent ethic of life and philosophy of limited government. It was not a coincidence that the most pro-life candidate in ’96 was also passionately noninterventionist.Restul scrisorii aici.

High immigration means less social and economic equality. Since 9/11, there has been a significant security component to immigration as well. While America’s Muslim immigrants have not carried out major terrorist acts, Europe’s much larger Muslim enclaves have generated terrorists, and there’s no logical reason why the alienation and militancy rife among Paris and London’s second- and third-generation immigrants couldn’t eventually take root here.” Restul aici.

Si un citat care mi-a placut: „Antihristul se lauda ca le aduce oamenilor pacea si toleranta pe care crestinismul li le promite, dar nu le aduce.” – Florin Crismareanu, „Am vazut pe Satana ca un fulger cazut din cer”, Convorbiri Literare, august, 2008.


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