Who Needs One Big Market? – Joseph R. Stromberg

NO COMMENT. Totusi, cu dedicatie speciala pentru sclavii fericiti pro-societate deschisa, pro-corporatia-stat. Studiul pune sub semnul intrebarii nihilismul capitalismului corporatist ca anihilare a libertatii umane si a proprietatii private. Lectura placuta!

I. One Big Market

It is remarkable that the prospect of One Big Market—planetary, inescapable, open all hours—raises no questions for libertarians, who scorn the idea of One Big Cartel (communism) or One Big State (world government). This seems an interesting case of social blindness. If One Big Cartel is impossible or not worth the trouble its creation entails, [1] why should One Big Market be different? And what if something very like One Big State is needed to build One Big Market? Yet libertarians allergic to the very word “society” can expatiate endlessly on unexplained “markets” and that reified entity, “the market.”

In a world where “free trade” amounts to American-led “globalization,” such views are gospel in libertarian think tanks. For Leftists, globalization entails terrible evils. The Leftists are not exactly wrong, and the damage done under neo-liberal slogans strengthens their case. Marx’s famous remarks on the sheer destructiveness of the process bear repeating. Neo-liberals take the destruction as a necessary step to some distant but better future.

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