Ganditorul conservator Russell Kirk despre neoconservatori

The Neoconservatives: An Endangered Species, discurs tinut de Russell Kirk in 1988. Cateva fragmente:

My second instance of the spreading distaste for Neoconservatives comes from a well-known literary scholar. „I would not be at all surprised to see the Neo-Cons jump ship if Dukakis is elected; they would be perfectly capable of making an accommodation with the socialist wing of the Democratic Party,” he tells me. It is significant that when the Neo-Cons wish to damn any conservative who has appealed for a grant to a conservative foundation, they tell the officers of the foundation that the conservative is a fascist. I believe that the chief enemy of American conservatism has not been the Marxists, nor even the socialist liberals in the Democratic Party, but the Neo-Conservatives, who have sabotaged the movement from within and exploited it for their own selfish purposes.”

Ignoring Experience. Self-proclaimed political elites do not long endure in this democratic republic; but the Neoconservatives prefer to ignore Experience – a hard master, Benjamin Franklin says. Those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it, as Santayana reminds us. Deficient in historical understanding as in familiarity with humane letters, most of the Neoconservatives lack those long views and that apprehension of the human condition which forms a basis for successful statecraft. Often clever, these Neoconservatives; seldom wise.

Infatuation with Ideology. An instance of this lack of wisdom is the Neoconservatives’ infatuation with ideology. Some of you ladies and gentlemen present here today may have heard some years ago my exchange, on this very platform, with Mr. Irving Kristol, concerning ideology. He and various of his colleagues wish to persuade us to adopt an ideology of our own to set against Marxist and other totalist ideologies. Ideology, I venture to remind you, is political fanaticism: at best it is the substitution of slogans for real political thought. Ideology animates, in George Orwell’s phrase, „the streamlined men who think in slogans and talk in bullets.”

Role of Humpty Dumpty. „Ideology is not confined to communists and fascists,” Dr. Niemeyer writes. „We, too, have our share of it, and it shows in our policies. All modem ideologies have the same irrational root: the permeation of politics with millenarian ideas of pseudo-religious character. The result is a dreamworld. Woodrow Wilson dreamed both of ‘a world safe for democracy,’ and of ‘enduring peace,”world safe from war.’ More recently, our national leaders have talked about ‘creating’ a new society, a ‘Great Society,’ and to that end making ‘war against poverty,”war against hunger,”creating new men,’ ‘making the world new as at the beginning,’ building ‘a city shining on a hill.’ All these presume that man could create himself, implying that he is not a creature, dependent on God, but the master of his own soul and destiny. Civilizational activities are given the character of salvation and thus stamped with a label of sacredness.”

Intregul discurs.

Neoconul Traian Radu Ungureanu, care se crede conservator, dar habar nu are cu ce se mananca, il ridica in slavi pe Robert Kagan in Idei in Dialog. Neoconservatorul Robert Kagan spunea intr-un articol in Washington Post din 2007 despre socialistul Obama – Obama, the Interventionist – : „But Obama believes the world yearns to follow us, if only we restore our worthiness to lead. Personally, I like it.” Deci ce sa credem despre TRU? Ce sa credem despre socialismul neoconservatorilor? Sa ne mai miram ca neoconii americani au votat cu socialistul Obama? Sa credem ca socialismul american e mai bun decat socialismul sovietic? Ce glume proaste se vand pe piata de idei a Noii Lumi!


5 răspunsuri la „Ganditorul conservator Russell Kirk despre neoconservatori

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  2. Ca intelect? E discutabil daca privim lucrurile din prisma intelectului. Daca privim lucrurile din prisma informatiei sau a culturii, atunci poate ca TRU e mai tare decat mine. E mult mai citit decat mine, dar intr-o directie falsa, spre pseudoconservatorism, din pacate.

    Dar ca intelect e discutabil. Prin intelect inteleg in primul rand INTELEPCIUNE si DISCERNAMANT, ceea ce TRU nu are cu siguranta. Oricum, e clar ca TRU impreuna cu toti neoconii sunt pe o orbita gresita.

    Eu, pana sa dau de conservatorismul american autentic, de conservatorismul libertarian, credeam ca ce se face in Romania de catre intelectualii nostri e conservatorism, dar nu e. Asta e problema. Ceea ce se face in Romania e slugarnicie fata de neoconii americani pro-stat si anti-libertate. Asta e. In Romania se fac ca fregventeaza Insitutul Ludwig von Mises, si apoi fac apologia razboiului din Irak, a fascismului soft, etc..

    Cam asta e cu intelectualul roman. Ii place sa fie o papusa.

    Imi pare rau ca s-a ajuns in aceasta situatie jalnica cu intelectualul roman. Eu il respectam si eram un fanatic al celor din Idei in Dialog si Dilema veche, dar de cand am descoperit conservatorismul adevarat, cel libertarian, mi-am dat seama ca acesti intelectuali sunt niste maimutoi globalisti.

    Imi pare rau.

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