Israelul si etica. Cine nu e pro-Israel, e xenofob, homofob, rasist, dar mai ales antisemit

Israel paves the way for killing by remote control

NAZARETH // It is called Spot and Shoot. Operators sit in front of a TV monitor from which they can control the action with a PlayStation-style joystick.

The aim: to kill.

Played by: young women serving in the Israeli army.

Spot and Shoot, as it is called by the Israeli military, may look like a video game but the figures on the screen are real people – Palestinians in Gaza – who can be killed with the press of a button on the joystick.

The female soldiers, located far away in an operations room, are responsible for aiming and firing remote-controlled machine-guns mounted on watch-towers every few hundred metres along an electronic fence that surrounds Gaza.

The system is one of the latest “remote killing” devices developed by Israel’s Rafael armaments company, the former weapons research division of the Israeli army and now a separate governmental firm.

According to Giora Katz, Rafael’s vice president, remote-controlled military hardware such as Spot and Shoot is the face of the future. He expects that within a decade at least a third of the machines used by the Israeli army to control land, air and sea will be unmanned.

The demand for such devices, the Israeli army admits, has been partly fuelled by a combination of declining recruitment levels and a population less ready to risk death in combat.

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E obligatoriu sa simti rafinamentul israelian al fiintei in aceste zile si sa fii escroc international in slujba razboiului pentru pacea universala, progres, tehnologie si transumanism. Toti trebuie sa il asteptam pe Mesia ca sa aduca pacea in Orientul Mijlociu, chiar daca Israel nu e in NATO si Occidentul nu are nicio legatura cu Al Treilea Razboi Mondial dintre evrei si lumea musulmana.

Soldatii americani sunt antrenati bine, dar cateodata omul mai oboseste, deci sa-i descarcam mintea in computere ca sa nu mai oboseasca.

Nici placinta americana nu mai e facuta in America, ci in… Shanghai.

Homofobule, armata nu tolereaza discriminarea!

A fost odata ca niciodata o tara dezvoltata pe nume America… azi e China peste tot.

Rasismul si-a schimbat fata: e intelectualizat, mascat si tehnologizat. Si pro-war, mai ales.

Back in the early 1970s, a handful of scientists, engineers, defense contractors and U.S. Air Force officers got together to form a professional group. They were essentially trying to solve the same problem: how to build machines that can operate on their own without human control and to figure out ways to convince both the pub lic and a reluctant Pentagon brass that ro bots on the battlefield are a good idea. For decades they met once or twice a year, in relative obscurity, to talk over technical issues, exchange gossip and renew old friendships.

From the moment I became involved in the creation of new technologies, their ethical dimensions have concerned me, but it was only in the autumn of 1998 that I became anxiously aware of how great are the dangers facing us in the 21st century. I can date the onset of my unease to the day I met Ray Kurzweil, the deservedly famous inventor of the first reading machine for the blind and many other amazing things.

Ray and I were both speakers at George Gilder’s Telecosm conference, and I encountered him by chance in the bar of the hotel after both our sessions were over. I was sitting with John Searle, a Berkeley philosopher who studies consciousness. While we were talking, Ray approached and a conversation began, the subject of which haunts me to this day.


4 răspunsuri la „Israelul si etica. Cine nu e pro-Israel, e xenofob, homofob, rasist, dar mai ales antisemit

  1. Nu sta bine treaba. Tot ce vedeam in filme SF acum este realitate. Timpul trece din ce in ce mai repede o data cu avansarea in stiintza omenirii. Dar astia care se considera genii uita ca nu folosesc toata capacitatea lor mentale , pentru ca nu se poate si ceea ce vor creea va fi mai putin dezvoltat decat ei isisi. Ai mai gasit ceva nou despre cipurile ale umane? A mai avansat treaba? Fiintza umana este atat de complexa incat nu poate fi cuprinsa intr-un cip . Dar mintile inguste cred k pot cataloga si eticheta un om . Am impresia ca seamana cu ce se intampla in cartea ” Patul lui Procust”. Pe unii ii ingusteaza , pe altii ii lungeste pentru ca toti sa fie la aceeasi lungime. Americanii si ceilalti cu probleme , dar si noi le avem pe ale noastre.
    De ce tineretul doarme si pleaca pe capete si nu poate sa puna la punct o mana de oameni fara nici o conduita normala , umana? Eu nu am pamant dar sincer nu vreau sa ajungem k bulgarii , cu toata tara vanduta. ei ca ei , dar noi !!!!! de 2000 de ani inaintasi nostri s-au chinuit cum au putut sa mentina pamantul asta romanesc , plin de sfinte moaste si noi nu facem? nimik !

    • Nu sunt de acord cu dumneavoastra. Evreii nu distrug lumea. Exegeza inversa se face nu numai pe Biblie, ci si pe Coran si Talmud. Nu evreii sunt vinovati, ci acele forte monopoliste care instrumentalizeaza orice stat, mai ales statul Israel in prezent, forte care au creat si nazismul, si bolsevismul.

  2. Oamenii ăștia care se îmbuibă făcând o Nouă Ordine Mondială uită cu desăvârșire că oricând Dumnezeu le joacă feste. Nu ei vor încheia istoria, ci Dumnezeu!

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